Spend control that saves money and time

Manage and control all company spending in one place. Start issuing company cards in three minutes.

So why does your business overspend?

Lack of Spend Controls
Giving teammates a blank check or access to your total credit limit leads to overspending. A fixed spending limit would create accountability and protects your budget.
No Visibility
Budget owners can’t focus for a target they can’t see. Waiting for the month-end financials to close leaves staff in the dark about how much they can spend now.
Lack of Staff Ownership
Staff spending is personal but when out of control can impact your company as a whole. Team visibility on spending adds accountability and trust.
Distracted Finance Teams
Tedious reimbursement and expense processes lead to finance staff spending their time on admin rather than improving your financial operations.

KlearCard tackles these problems for your business.

Whitelist or block specific spend types

KlearCard allows you to create spending wallets for each project or client. Set spend limits and select what kind of purchases are allowed.

One source of truth for company spending

Different spend types are divided into specific wallets to allow you to quickly manage, review and amend. Receipts, invoices and spend controls are all accessible instantly.

Create a culture of trust in your office

Teammates are no longer forced to submit reimbursements for expenses. Educate staff on spending while our controls look out for any slip-ups along the way.

Switch now to spend smarter

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