Smarter sales team expenses

KlearCard makes managing sales team spending easy with category and spend limits and easy receipt capture. Sign-up in three minutes.

Eliminate paper receipts and make sales staff happier

Sales Teams hate reimbursements and paper receipts. KlearCard allows you to eliminate both by issuing company cards with smart spend controls and smartphone receipt capturing.

Whitelist or block specific spend types

KlearCard allows you to create spending wallets for each project or client. Set spend limits and select what kind of purchases your Sales staff can make. No slipups or hassle.

Receipt and invoice capture

Capture receipts on the go, just snap a photo and KlearCard does the rest. Photos and invoices are synced to your transactions page and accounting software. Sales and Finance Teams no longer face end of month admin.

Issue cards for each client or project

KlearCard allows you to issue physical and virtual cards in seconds, get a grip on spending and prevent budget overruns.

Switch now to spend smarter

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