Keeping remote workers connected

Our virtual cards and spend wallets help WFH staff maintain BAU. Manage subscriptions, share incentives, boost staff morale, and more.

Create a culture of spend responsibility amongst staff

Issuing cards to staff promotes trust and the removal of reimbursements leaves staff no longer out of pocket. Colleagues can view all team spends promoting transparency and accountability. Meanwhile, intelligent spend rules to prevent any slip ups.

Receipt and invoice capture

Each time you make a purchase or request an approval with KlearCard you’ll be prompted to add a photo or PDF of your receipt or invoice. These are then autosynced to your transactions page and accounting software.

Clear and quick approval flows

Obtaining approvals is difficult when teammates are all in different locations. KlearCard enables staff to request and approve budgets via their smartphone. Approvals and documents are all stored in one convenient location…

Keeping accounting constantly updated

Every purchase with KlearCard is automatically pushed to Xero. No more end-of-month imports or manual work necessary.

Switch now to spend smarter

Get a card in three minutes via MyInfo Business