Issue physical cards for in-person payments

Equip your teams with secure, customisable employee debit cards. On-the-go company spending just got a whole lot smarter.

Whitelist or block specific spend types

KlearCard allows you to create spending wallets for each project or client. Set spend limits and select what kind of purchases are allowed.

Set individual budgets for each card

Give teammates a specific budget for each card, set it individually or based on seniority. Adjust limits in real-time based on your business needs.

Real-time visibility and control

Activate cards, monitor spending, track receipts and issue one-off approvals all through our KlearCard Dashboard.

Global acceptance, local convenience

KlearCard Physical Cards work in over 200 countries and are accepted anywhere the Mastercard logo is shown. They also support PayWave for easy payment at home.

Switch now to spend smarter

Get a card in three minutes via MyInfo Business